We provide dedicated support to clients for email marketing

We manage client's product or website newsletter

Our engineer will manage your campaign sending and provide reports.

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Email Marketing

Easily Create, Send & Analyze Your Email Marketing Campaigns. Reach the Inbox. Get The Best Value in Pro Email Marketing Tools.

IP/domain warmup

IP warming is the practice of gradually increasing the volume of mail sent with a dedicated IP . This gradual process helps to establish a reputation with ISPs

SMTP for your website

Premium email delivery and email relay solution that enables you to send and track high volume emails effortlessly.


You can gather and analyze data for each email campaign .

Dedicated support

Available round-the-clock; a dynamic and talented technical workforce

Template design

Professionally designed selection of free templates and customize a design for any occasion.

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You guys are the best! Keep up the great work! You've been so helpful.

David Fahim


I was fed up to find a good email marketing team. but finally sendergarage , they know their work.

Kiron Jorge


My domain reputation was down, , but sendergarage help me to reach inbox again.

Robart Jason


The dedicted support help me a lot. team is very responsible. i m able to get good trafic on my website.